“Abe Lincoln without the beard”- I am going somewhere with this, I promise.

I’m pretty sure my college diploma will not be hanging on the wall of the mansion waiting for me in heaven. Neither will your shiny car be there, your prestigious job, your new boots or the flat screen mounted on your wall. And can I get an Amen on NO Smartphones?!

We invest a lot to acquire those things though, don’t we? The truth is there are things that matter and things that, well, just don’t. (Repeat that to yourself often today)

Reece has made straight As, received blue ribbons, gold medals, had amazing dance performances, and taught herself the art of weaponry. (Her tomahawk has a special place in her room next to her knives, bows, slingshot, and BB gun): She amazes us with her knowledge of animals and her unique and sometimes eccentric career goals.

But Jason and I had never been more proud of her before her 5th grade graduation day. Her classmates voted for her to receive the Eastview Outstanding Ray Award. The award was given to the one the students could count on. They said she was an overall great friend, someone they could trust, could make them smile and could make them feel important. Someone who was like “Abe Lincoln without the beard”.

After leaving the ceremony that evening and getting into the car with our no longer elementary student, we sat there with tears in our eyes basking in God’s presence. Not because of the educational awards she received that would one day be destroyed by moths or stolen by thieves. At this point they were as rubbish. In her 10 year old way she was already touching lives.
She could have had no other accomplishment in her tiny young life and that would have been just fine. Because whether she knew it or not, she was already storing up her treasures where it mattered. I pray our Heavenly Father has tears in his eyes for our accomplishments that matter. The rubbish won’t count!

1 Peter 1:7
“Such trials show the proven character of your faith, which is much more valuable than gold – gold that is tested by fire, even though it is passing away – and will bring praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.”


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