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This is not uncommon to hear at our house. Not a firework. A bird. Let me explain.

Apparently, I keep my windows way too clean. It is almost a routine occurrence that a bird will be joyfully flying along and then fly head first into our windows or doors. If I happen to be in the right spot at the right time, I am able to witness the remnants of feathers slowly drifting to the ground.

This one particular day several weeks prior to Christmas, I heard that all too familiar “boom”. I looked out the door…Nothing. How odd. A  few minutes later, we found her.

We named her Carol. A cardinal at Christmas…very fitting. I am a sucker for the injured animal soul. In fact, show me someone who is more of a sucker and I will show you two…my husband and daughter.

As soon as they found her on our deck, limp and barely alive, the race was on to save her life. We did not expect her to make it. Her neck was seemingly broken. Her will to live, though, not crushed. Yet, what to do with a bird with a broken neck? Electrolytes, of course! (Reece’s idea). Because every home has powdered electrolytes specifically made for feathered friends…ok, maybe not. Maybe only homes like ours.

On went the latex hospital gloves generously offered to Reece from a nurse during a hospital visit. She must have known the necessity of these gloves that would come forth for the cause of all animals. A stethoscope. Gauze. Thorough documentation in a notepad. Yes, if this experience does not get Reece into vet school in about 7 years, I will be highly surprised.

In addition to Reece’s efforts, we determined that it may be suitable to involve experts in the field.

Enthusiastically, phone calls were made to local nature centers and rescue facilities. Being sure they would thank us for our heroic efforts and rush over to behold that which we had kept alive, we were a bit unsettled by what they told us. “Let nature take its course. There is nothing we can do.”

It was up to Reece.

“Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He saved them out of their distresses.” – Psalm 107:19

It is no secret that God is fully able to rescue us from all our troubles, all our distresses, and all our trials. He is fully able to rescue us from death, from sickness, and the enemy.

The key to our rescue? Crying out to him. He is ready, waiting, and desiring to be the one you turn to. He graciously awaits the moment when you surrender everything to him. We tend to hold on to a lot of our “stuff” and only give him a fraction of it.

Friend, he wants it all. All your burdens, he will carry. All your tears, he will bottle up. All your heart, he will guard. You must let him.

Had Jason and Reece not walked by Carol that day on the deck, that could have been her last day of flying. Had she resisted the efforts of her rescuer to mend her wounds and nurse her back to health, her days of freedom could have been non existent. Because she allowed the rescuer to do what rescuers do, we proudly set her free after about a week.

Our Christmas cardinal comes back to visit us still. We recognize her because of her slightly crooked stance. I am sure her identifiable uniqueness reminds her that freedom only comes with surrender.


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