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The clock is one invention I could do without. It reminds me that I must get up, I must speed up, I must keep up. It dares me to give up keeping up. Even a wannabe relaxing vacation falls victim to the persistent drum beat of the seconds passing away.

A dog is a good enough clock for me. They serve about the same purpose don’t they? A wet nose on your hand as it dangles off the side of the bed is a much better alarm clock than my chirping bird sound alarm. A passive sniff of the empty food bowl reminds you that it is time to eat…well, at least for those that enjoy Purina Dog Chow. Then the offering of a precious gift in the form of a squeaky bone can remind even the most forgetful that it is time to work…or play…To a dog those are one in the same.

Alas, someone had to invent the clock instead. If time is our enemy, then the clock is its accomplice.

We make time, spend time, run out of time, waste time, lose time, race against time, have time, don’t have time, get some time, lose track of time, save time, and invest time. When a clock is around, it only reminds me that time is my competition and my next place to be is waiting for me to get there. Do you ever wonder why 8 hours in the office seems like years, yet 10 years of watching your child grow seems like only hours?

God reminds us that “this world in its present form is passing away. Our time is short. There is a time for everything under the sun.” Here we go again. More reminders that time is our enemy.

But God’s warnings serve a purpose far beyond the appointment reminder that rings daily on my phone. We have a work to do during this fleeting moment we call time on earth. And then…eternity! We can make and break our doctor appointments and we can reschedule our hair appointments. But there are two appointments we all will keep- the appointment when we face death and the appointment when we face God. The clock is ticking…

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”- Matthew 24:42″

Blessings! -Mandy


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