“Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out ‘Abba, Father’.” -Galatians 4:6

“A Son”. Sometimes I don’t FEEL like a child of Christ.

I acknowledge I am saved, I rejoice at the thought of my place in heaven, and I am aware of the full price that was paid by my savior… But a son, or in my case, a daughter?

I don’t always, as a follower of Christ, FEEL like that daughter who couldn’t wait for daddy to get home. Or that daughter who knew if I got hurt, daddy would kiss it, give me a glass of Koolaid, and make it better. I don’t always FEEL like I did when he scolded me, yet somehow showed he still loved me at the same time.  That’s how I felt and still feel toward my parents…minus the koolaid. But am I supposed to have this security in my Heavenly Father?….

The answer is simple- OF COURSE! He is the ultimate healer of hurts and He is the master of loving discipline. And I SHOULD get excited to spend time with him. The problem? My fallible human emotions don’t always remember this.

The good news? Galatians says that is OK. Our Creator understands that our emotions are as fleeting and ever changing as the clouds grazing the sky. He knows the inconsistent feelings we often have do not always reflect the steadiness of our soul. We are, indeed, a complicated and beautiful mess sometimes, aren’t we?

One of the many benefits of the Holy Spirit living in those who know Him? The fact that His spirit living in us cries out “daddy” for us! “Abba, Father”.

Sometimes my emotions get the best of me when I ponder His love for me. How I cherish these intimate moments with my Savior.

Oftentimes, however, my emotions don’t let me feel like a child of the one true king.  Thank goodness my true being, the Spirit IN ME, is yearning for his hug, his advice, and his presence.

That emptiness you sometimes feel?… Try listening to the spirit in you instead of the brain that’s telling you how lonely or unworthy you are. The spirit is crying out “Abba”- DADDY! Thank you Jesus for making that possible!

– Blessings!

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