Moses knows many tricks. He obeys many commands. He has many games he likes to play. Like just about every dog that exists, an all time favorite game of his is fetch. We throw the ball, he runs to get it. He brings it back…

Most dogs would drop the ball at your feet and wait for you to pick it up to repeat the entire process again. Not Moses. After 8 years of playing the game he rarely lets go of the ball on his own accord. We can tell him firmly to “drop it”…and even still he often refuses to do so. Rather, he prefers that we pry it out of his mouth. On the rare occasion that he does drop it at our feet, as soon as we reach to pick it up, he will quickly grab it before we can touch it.

Do we not do the same with God? We plead with him to take away our pain. We ask him to take control of the situation. We say we want his will to be done. Yet we rarely let go. On the rare occasion we do let go, as soon as he reaches to pick it up,  we quickly snatch it away again.

Unlike Moses, though, we complain that he is not helping us. He is not solving. Or He is not answering. We doubt that He heard us or we declare that His will cannot be determined.

How unfortunate a situation when we make it even more unfortunate by refusing to surrender it. To make matters worse, we rarely realize we are refusing to surrender it.

God does not pry our problems from our grasp, though at times, He could choose to do so if He sees fit. At times, I wish He would. Usually, however, He plays by the good old fashioned rule of wanting us to lay the ball at His feet.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”- Matthew 11:28


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