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I took all the necessary precautions- I thought. I put the food in another room and covered it with a sheet. I closed the doors leading to rooms and covered entry doorways with heavy  plastic. I made sure the cabinets and drawers were closed in the kitchen. I even covered our dog and hedgehogs! (OK, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated.)

But, even still, it happened.


Not just dust, but…DUST! A reddish tint of residue had covered almost every inch of our downstairs despite my efforts. Despite my vacuuming and cleaning each day, our homely haven had turned into allergy prison camp.

Then, one morning, to my dismay, I realized that even the dishes in the closed kitchen cabinets could not escape the wrath of the dust storm. To a clean freak like myself, this was not a pleasant find.

About a year ago, we underwent three rounds of a kitchen rehab. Round one, cabinets. Round two, countertops. Last round? The floors. Our contractors were wonderful. Our “kitchen decor distributors”?…let’s just say they were the reason for the three separate rounds of a supposedly one week job.

Round three was the most difficult round of rehab. Round three was the dirtiest. Round three held us captive from a room that became even more necessary when we could not have it. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for the finished project. But for those seemingly endless days of dust, I celebrated in my own petty pity party.

“But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out”- Numbers 32:23

Sin. It’s like dust. It’s filthy like mud. Its stench is like fertilized mulch. But it is sneaky like dust. It seeps into the hidden places. Into the doors you thought were closed or onto the weaknesses you thought you had covered. But before you know it, those unguarded areas of your life become layered with dust. Left unnoticed or unkept, that layer of dust becomes a mountain of filth.

God warned us that our sin will always “find us out”. But we can also take off that last word and the statement is still true. “Sin will always find us”…IF we allow it to find us. Guard yourself from it. Dust comes through the cracks as much as it comes through a wide open door. And remember, it “crouches at our door” waiting. (Genesis 4:7)



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