A Golden Retriever, a bird dog, and roller blades.

My daughter purchased a new pair of roller blades two days ago. She couldn’t wait to get home and try them out. She leashed Moses and began to take off down the road. How adorable it is to watch a dog pull his best friend. How convenient for Moses that his pal can now go as fast as him.

Out of nowhere came the retriever.

This particular Golden Retriever, let”s call him Reggie, has a reputation for cross country running through everyone’s yard but his own. Bandana around his neck and a dangling tongue, he usually appears unexpectedly from nowhere. His bark is incessant when he wants to talk.  His curiosity with everyone’s business but his own is relentless. He proudly tromps from his driveway into the road daring a car to come close to hitting him. 

The other day was no different. As Reece and Moses rolled away, Reggie took notice. He began to run headlong toward the traveling duo. The excitement of the wheels rolling down the road must have been enticing to him. The fact that Moses had the privilege to partake in such an important endeavor must have made Reggie envious. He wanted to play a role in this excitement.

As I watched from too far away to be of any assistance, Reggie did not slow down the closer he came to them. What happened next was a sight to behold, as he either wanted to be involved or he wanted to outdo them. 

Upon reaching Reece and Moses, Reggie leaped over Moses like an Olympian high jumper. Had it been in slow motion, his form would have been a perfect 10 and Moses would have been seen gazing wide eyed and in awe of such an athletic display.  His landing, however, was not a perfect 10 as he side swiped the ground and rolled..rolled…and rolled into a ditch. Not just a slight incline of a ditch, but the kind of ditch that makes you a little nervous as you pass by. I am almost certain Moses gave a satisfied smirk.

Not even attempting to recover from such a dazzling display of clumsiness, Reggie crawled out of the ditch and back to the road. He gave a quick shake, looked to the ground, and slumped away slowly to his home, tongue dangling from his mouth. 

Pride comes before a fall? Such a literal saying in this case.

To be humble or to be humbled. Big difference. 

I prefer being humble rather than having someone else humble me. Usually, humility without a choice ends up rolling us into a ditch. To have God humble us can be even more, well, humbling.

Luke 14:11 says “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

It is no secret that God finds favor with those who keep a humble spirit. It is no accident that He speaks of humility and the need to be humble countless times in scripture. Could this be because pride came before the ultimate fall…Satan?

To be humble does not mean to think poorly of oneself. It simply means to not think of oneself more than we ought. Putting others first. Seeing oneself in light of grace rather than in light of entitlement.

Humility allows us to see the worth of everyone. One of the many beauties of being humble is that God ensures we are lifted up. Another one of those principles that seem backward to human minds, yet make perfect sense in the kingdom of God.

Humility. The fall into the ditch could have easily happened to anyone else…had they been attempting to leap over a moving obstacle in the direct path of a steep incline called a ditch. We often find ourselves in quite similar predicaments when we delve headlong into the land of pride. It is not long before it comes to an abrupt and clumsy end.

The moral of the story? Stay humble. Put others first. Keep roller blades away from your Golden Retriever.


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