It’s that time of year again. The dreaded days children across the nation would rather not face. The moments of carefree poolside hangouts become interrupted. The lack of alarm clocks and lack of backpacks will soon be no more.

The dog days of summer will continue for kids everywhere…but…they will be stuck inside a cold classroom rather than climbing trees. Their bed times will come sooner and their morning routines will become rushed once again.

I remember being one of those kids. The end of June marked the official countdown as summer vacation could be heard laughing maliciously as it started to slip away.

Now, as an adult, I dread the official beginning of a new school year even more. Why? Her.

My daughter keeps getting older despite the fact that I have begged her over and over again to not do so. She keeps getting smarter, more talented, and more beautiful as each year rolls by.

Now, the freshness of holding my 3 month old has turned into the reality of having a “3 more years until college” daughter. She used to play dress up in her princess dress and crown. Now my princess just dresses up. She used to read books about animals. Now she writes books about animals. She used to dream of having a horse. Now she…still dreams of having a horse and riding like the wind. (I often joke with her that God will have her horse and crown waiting for her in heaven so she doesn’t need a horse now. She doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do.)


It was but a breath ago that someone told me not to blink. Now that I have opened my eyes, the 6 pound bundle of cuteness has become a size 6 shoe display of beauty.

The things she has taught me over her almost 15 years far outnumbers what I have taught her. However, there are a few things I hope to continue to teach her before my young teen becomes not so young anymore.

In addition to touching as little as possible while in a public restroom, there are other important nuggets of insight she has learned over the years. Obviously, the greatest of all being her need for a Savior. Out of everything you teach your children, if you are a parent, please teach them this! But Proverbs 1 reminds us all of the need for something else, as well. Something that will carry our children through as they walk with Christ in this crazy world.

“The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: for gaining wisdom and instruction;…for giving…knowledge and discretion to the young…”- Bits and pieces of the first few verses of Proverbs 1. (Please read it all!)

My prayers for my daughter over the years have been and will continue to include things such as safety, health, a strong relationship with Christ, favor, a Godly husband, success, confidence, and a strong heart for others and the things of God. But let’s read Proverbs and take note of the things God wants for us, as well. Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discretion, to name a few.

It is no secret that we should all seek wisdom as we would seek after treasure. In all that she does, I pray my daughter have the mind of the Lord and that only comes by seeking His wisdom.

But when I read Proverbs 1 recently for the umpteenth time, the word “discretion” jumped out at me almost as much as the word “wisdom”. A good definition of discretion is “the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment”. This good judgment and discernment comes when we have sought after wisdom wholeheartedly. “In all your getting, get wisdom,” reads another portion of scripture. Once wisdom comes, other beneficial traits will be added to ones character. Hmm. Sounds like something our world certainly could use.

Among the long list of desires for my daughter, wisdom and discretion cry out to be at the top. She can become the successful “vet/animal expert author/ Animal Planet star/ everything else on her long list of future accomplishments” woman she sets out to be. I will be so proud of her when she does. But when she does so with the mind and heart of Christ and seeks His wisdom and will…I will be overjoyed.

So since my prayers for her to remain a toddler have not worked, I suppose these other prayers will have to do. I’m confident God would rather answer those prayers anyway. It won’t be long before she receives her cap and gown. But to receive her horse and crown, oh, what a much greater accomplishment.



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