My husband writes too! Here is something he wrote inspired by his own sermon. Enjoy!… 


“The devil isn’t as interested in acquiring new territory in your life as he is in reclaiming old.”

In Judges chapter 3, Israel again turns from the Lord. Their punishment this time would be 18 years in the hands of their enemies.

When the enemy defeated them, we’re told that they took possession of “the City of Palms.”

So they get a few palm trees… Big deal, right? Most people read right over that thinking there is no real significance and are completely unaware of what the “City of Palms” actually was.

For those who don’t have a footnote in their Bible, the City of Palms is another name for “Jericho.”

You remember Jericho don’t you? That was the city with massive walls that Israel marched around for 7 days. Those walls would fall and Israel would take possession. It’s important to note that this was Israel’s VERY FIRST VICTORY after entering the promised land. It would be the place where their confidence in the Lord’s help was established.

But now… their enemies have reclaimed that once sacred territory. Talk about a signature victory for the enemy and a crushing blow to the children of God!

 This story teaches us something about the devil’s strategy: He’s not nearly as interested in tempting you with something new as he is with attempting to drag you back into some sin or mindset you once obtained victory over in your past.

What better way to defeat you than to reclaim those territories in your life you once had victory. By defeating you there, you’ll lose confidence and your faith will begin to falter in other areas- and that’s just what he wants.

Here’s a little advice: Do not forget the Lord and become lax in your discipline. Keep praying. Keep reading your Bible. Remain connected to a local church by faithfully attending and finding a place to serve. Otherwise you might just find yourself struggling again in some of those old areas you once thought secure.

It might be a good time to revisit some of that “old territory” in prayer, if just to reaffirm God’s presence is strong and sure in every place He’s brought you through.

What are some areas He brought you victory? Thank Him and paise Him again for what He did for you. Do all you can to ensure the Lord’s presence remains in each of those areas. Otherwise, you might wake up to find one morning that “Jericho” has been reclaimed by your enemies.






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