PIC_0130After a relaxing family breakfast I was ready to start my day. Preparing Reece for her assignments for the morning and completing some household tasks were on my to do list. Then…

What was going to be somewhat of a low key, not too much thinking type of day turned into something different.

Last night it was a beak to the eyeball…(long story). Today, a flesh wound from opening a bag of dog food. My poor husband. It just so happened I had just gotten dressed for the day, which was a good thing. Reece had started her bible study. Jason was doing what a loyal husband does…opening the 46 pound of dog food as I had asked. (Note: Do not open bags of dog food with a utility knife.)

When I heard the words “I need to go to the hospital”! I ran downstairs to find my loyal husband holding his arm. Because I tend to pass out when flesh wounds occur, I backed out of the room. Good thing my future vet was there to assist the patient with rags and clean up. I was of no help in that department. I grabbed my shoes, coat, and keys. For some reason I ordered Reece to let the dog out and to make the bed. That’s what most people do on their way to the emergency room, right?

After some literal blood, sweat, and tears (ok, no tears), shots and stitches, the flesh wound is on the road to recovery.

Although I had moved quick as lightning ordering my daughter to complete random and unimportant tasks, the assistance given to my wounded spouse was less than perfect. I like to think of myself as usually quick on my feet. Ready to react. Usually clear headed. But I will admit. If you happen to injure yourself in this capacity when I am around, please do not expect me to be of assistance. I will, however, get you to the urgent care facility in a matter of minutes.

As Christians, scripture tells us to be ready. Be ready for Christ’s return. Be ready to give a reason for your hope to those who ask. Be ready to help those in need. But 1 Peter 1:13 also tells us to be ready for action.

We are not meant to live a low key spiritual life.  We are not meant to have a “not too  much thinking” type of faith. What a shame if we settle for that! We are meant for so much more.

When we are wounded, we take action. When the walk weakens our knees, we take action. When our faith is tested by fire, we take action. When the world is on our shoulders. When we feel like giving up. When we feel… defeated… and tired…

“So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control. Put all your hope in the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.”- 1 Peter 1:13



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