“Only a one in 2,000 chance,” he said. “I guarantee it.”

Famous last words from a farmer a few counties over.

The two week old fluff grew into feathers. The chirp became a cluck. And one day, the cluck became…

Let’s put it this way. We told Reece she could have four chickens. Hens. We got the one and not the 1,999. So Eloise is now Elohim. A.k.a. William…A..k.a Shovel. And the cluck has turned into a cockadoodle doo.

Deception. If only finding out your precious darling hen is really a rooster was as deceptive as life gets. But the older we get, the more we experience it. For some, it is an unfaithful spouse. For others, a betrayal from a so called friend. For a few, another “Christian” spreading lies about them. And even for some, a trusted family member proving they are not trustworthy.

Deceit does not usually come with a warning or even a hint. We are often blind sided by pain like that. But we don’t have to be deceived by the schemes of Satan. Warning after warning exists in Scripture that we are to be aware of the lies of the devil and the pretenses of this world. Be ready for them and recognize them! They are everywhere. In fact, the world throws so much deceit at us that it often takes a truly discerning heart and sharp mind to recognize it. Most of the tricks of the enemy do not come with a crow and tail feathers.

Thousands of souls were swept into eternity over the past few weeks. How many of them believed a lie? How many are now suffering in eternal anguish wishing they had accepted truth about Jesus and mercy- sin and repentance? Wishing they had taken holiness seriously? This thought should bother you. It should make you weep.

We cannot control the curve balls life (or people) will throw us. But we have a choice to pray against the lies of the enemy. The deception that is hardening hearts and stealing souls. And the ultimate lie that life is not valuable.

Every time I hear Eloise…er…um… William (Shovel) crow, a part of me frowns at Mister farmer a few counties over. This deceit was not intentional but was, nevertheless, not what we had thought. But Eloise…Shovel won our hearts already. So she-he still has a place at Cluckingham Palace.

-Hebrews 3:13- “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”


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