29469_1394311190340_313269_n[1]There is nothing quite like having a bird dog. They track, they locate, and then point for as long as it takes for someone to notice. They work hard to please, both in their work and in those cuddle times. I had dogs all my life. But until Moses, our German Shorthaired Pointer, came on the scene, I had not fully understood those major “life lessons” we learn from pets. I definitely had not understood the massive amount of energy that can be contained in one indoor 46 pound canine body. The heights to which that canine body could jump to snatch a nest out of a tree… or the ability to outrun a horse…sigh.

I will admit, those puppy months were HARD. Among other things, the amount of exercise necessary for this breed of dog was more than our lifestyle would allow at the time. We eventually thought of creative ways to release his energy when a long and strenuous run was not feasible for the day. Balloons and bubbles being some of the most creative. Over the last couple of years, Moses, going on 8 years old in the fall, has lost SOME of that energy. Stress the word “SOME”.

One thing I love about him is that he is always up for anything. He is willing to go wherever we go. He doesn’t have to know where we are going. In fact, he can be in a deep sleep but when he hears “are you ready to go?” he is right at our heel ready to follow…ready to be where we are…ready for adventure (although often this adventure merely leads him to another room of the house.)

Oftentimes he will attempt to get us to follow him.  He will delightfully come to tell us it has snowed outside and that he needs to be out there to run in it. He will tell us it’s time to let the chickens out of the coop so he can be chased by our rooster. His number one cause for excitement? Waking up Reece. His cropped tail wags faster and faster as she opens her eyes and notices him. Then he eagerly awaits her next move so he can tag along. He is willing to go, no questions asked. No hesitation. No waiting to see where we are going first. He doesn’t wait to see if it’s what he wants. He doesn’t wait for a “sign”. His only sign is “follow me”.

“Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?” They said, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?” “Come,” he replied, “and you will see.” John 1:38-39

What happened next? They went. I don’t believe the disciples asked for an agenda. There was no appointment book or calendar pulled out of their robes. They didn’t tell Jesus they had to check their schedule or that they felt like just being alone that day. For heaven’s sake, they went!

We may call ourselves followers of Christ, but are we? Yeah, we may have believed on him and his redeeming power over our sin. We may have truly meant it when we said “Forgive me for my sins. I want you to save me and be Lord of my life.” But, listen, are we truly following him? Are we willing to leap from our slumber like a bird dog and go where he goes? Are we willing to follow him wherever he leads?

He doesn’t always tell us where we are going. In fact, I don’t remember him ever passing along a memo to me to filling me on in any specifics. Yet, how many times have I cried out to him, “Lord! What are you doing?!” Or “Lord! Where are you taking me?” All the while he is saying “come, and you will see”.

What are you waiting for? There is adventure to be had. Follow!



  1. Mandy, Kelly sends me your blogs off and on and I love them! I’m not techy at all so I will have to learn how to get these for myself! Love how you love our Lord and how you bring stories to life. Keep it going and I am so proud of you! Paula Fiorella

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