When I was a kid we had about as many animals as our home does now. From dogs to Guinea pigs, from cats to rabbits. So what difference would one stray dog make?

We never claimed Henry to be ours. More importantly, Henry never claimed us as his. We must have had a quiet understanding that once Henry was finished using us he would move on. All parties involved were okay with this.

Henry was a mutt that made his way to our home one day. I was too young to remember many memories with him. I do remember when he died…. And then can back.

Let me explain. One hot summer evening, possibly the Fourth of July, my family and some friends of my parents stood at the edge of our yard letting fireworks off in the field behind us. Henry sat by us mingling with the crowd and seemingly having a dog gone good time.

Whether it was due to the sound of a particular firework remains a mystery to this day, but suddenly, Henry collapsed. Stopped breathing. Died… We thought.  Not breathing, I remember him being gently shaken by the adults to see if he would respond.

There was then talk of burying him. This was more than my little heart could stand.

Then it happened. After a few minutes of lying lifeless on the ground, Henry stood to his feet…er…paws.

Was it a seizure? A trick? Or did Henry have a so called near death experience?

No one knew. All I knew was that I was content to have him stick around our home some time longer.

If you haven’t already then you more than likely will… Or maybe you are now…I’m referring to your “near death” season. The one that took you to the depths and had you and everyone around you believing this was the thing that would overcome you.

Maybe it was an addiction, loss of a spouse, or the divorce…loss of a child, disease, insecurity, depression,… You fill in the blank.

Mark 9:26-27  “The spirit shrieked, convulsed him violently and came out. The boy looked so much like a corpse that many said, “He’s dead.” But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up…”

The boy in the scripture had been fighting his battle since childhood. It literally almost took his life according to verse 21- “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him”. His deliverance came when Jesus showed up. (That tends to happen).

But don’t miss this. After the spirit came out the boy looked like a corpse. Those around him assumed he was dead…

Your “fill in the blank” season will or already has left you for dead as well. Maybe even now you are as a corpse. Listen. It is not God’s desire that you be left in this pit. He is telling you to get up! And the neat thing is that He is offering His hand.



  1. I appreciate this article! Our family has had a rough four years! It seems like trial after trial. Sometimes it feels suffocating, but I know God is right with us. He always carries us through.

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