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Being a Monday morning, your “beginning of the day” is more than likely a bit like mine.

You wake up begrudgingly to the sound of an alarm. You hobble to the bathroom mirror and are a bit shocked at what you see until you realize it is you with the crazy hair and puffy eyes. The rush to get ready, to eat, to feed the animals, to feed the daughter,…not a second to spare. So here goes another week!

I learn a lot about slowing down from our hens. I always envisioned waking up each morning, going out to the nesting box, and retrieving our eggs for the day. Not so, for the most part. Lucille and Gertrude take their sweet feathery time laying their daily provisions. Mid morning, mid day, even mid evening, we will witness them suddenly waddle back into the coop as they “tell us” to give them some privacy for a while. How I wish I could be so nonchalant with my own schedule.

I don’t like to waste time. “A moment to spare”? No such thing. “Time on my hands”? Not these hands. Stop signs? They should read “pause and make sure nothing is coming”.

As much as I rush around making sure I’m not wasting precious minutes in my day, I am often completely oblivious to how much time I am, indeed, wasting. The things on which I focus or exert my energy are, oftentimes, fading quickly.

What about you? Are there times you lay down at night with minimal accomplishments to show for the day? Accomplishments that count? The eternal ones. The only “race against the clock” we should really be concerned about is not the ticking of our watch, but the sounding of the trumpet or the final beat of our failing hearts. The alarms that will signal that our time is up.

If we truly want to make the most of our time…The person who you call your enemy will be the apple of your eye. The time you invest in futile tasks will make you groan in regret. The hug you forgot to give your family member will be waiting for them when they get home. The invitation to enter the gate and to eat from the tree of life, will compel you to wash your robe as white as the blood of the Alpha and the Omega.

Our days are numbered. And there is no time to waste!

Psalm 90:12-“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”





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