Tears flowed down his face as she walked up the aisle. The look on his face told her that he was the luckiest man alive. His bride to be was now at the threshold of becoming his bride forever.

Family and friends stood to their feet as they witnessed a union of two people meant to live life together. The beauty of the moment and the moments that followed would forever be etched into wedding photos, a wedding video, and both of their memories.

I was that bride. I remember every moment, every face present, and every facial expression on my husband to be’s face.

It was evident that emotion had overtaken him even before I reached his side. This, of course, created some emotion in me. Even our pastor friend who was marrying us was attempting to hold back a messy and salty waterfall.

Our wedding video shows clearly two people devoted and in love. It shows him looking at me and wiping his eyes. To attempt to apologize for the emotion he mouths the words “I’m sorry”. The video shows me mouthing back the words “that’s ok” as I was thinking to myself what a fairy tale moment this was. What a display of a man’s pure emotion!

What the wedding video does not show is what happened from the groom’s perspective. And it doesn’t show what happened directly following the wedding party’s exit of the ceremony….The reveal.

As we walked out of the church, the groomsmen smiled at me for the first time. I gasped as I was made aware of what would forever be a different kind of wedding memory. I was suddenly made privy to…Billy Bob teeth.

Apparently, those tears of joy that had been falling from my groom’s eyes were something else. They were tears of trying to hold back laughter in front of a church full of family and friends. Prior to this bride being walked down the aisle to be united with her groom, the groomsmen had put on their own show. Walking with each unaware bride’s maid,  they each greeted the groom and pastor with a smile that only could be seen by the groom and pastor. Each smile revealed a lovely mouthful of…teeth. The last groomsman to greet the groom and pastor was the best man who revealed a perfect gold tooth.

This suddenly new explanation for the emotion displayed by the groom had this bride giving dirty looks to each culprit involved. My husband assured me that, yes, he was overcome with awe at my beauty and presence. But the tears… well… had the tooth incident not occurred, those tears would have been meant for me.

Oh…precious memories. Sigh. I can honestly say some things are not what they seem by merely replaying a few moments from a wedding video so many years ago. But I can also say…that it was an extremely hilarious way to begin life together as one. It would serve as a prelude to years of blissful happiness and continuous laughter in our marriage. I admit, the tooth incident was a grand plan and it definitely makes for a terrific story.

Many times things are not always what they seem. Usually it is due to the perspective we have. It is due to our thinking about our situation. To truly mature in our faith we must allow the Holy Spirit to change how we think.

Perspective is an understanding of something because you are able to see things from a larger window of reference. It means being able to perceive how events and situations are related and then making a judgement on their importance. Basically, it means seeing life from God’s point of view.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28

We have heard this verse countless times. We can often become guilty, however, of using this verse to ensure ourselves and others that God has promised all things will work out the way we want them to work.


“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21

The fact is that God has this, so called, “eternal” way about him. Not surprising, huh? He views our experiences and situations in light of “forever” rather than in light of “time.” We tend to do the very reverse.

Where are you in this moment of your life? Is it a mountain top time for you or is it a valley low for you? Are you faced with a particular choice? Are you at a crossroads? Have you waited for an answer to a prayer and it has not seemed to come?

Perspective. Is yours an eternal one? Do not deceive yourself into thinking that good only comes when it looks like something you envision…like something…logical. Like a groom in awe of his bride. Sounds pretty reasonable, don’t you think?

A church filled with people, a bride, and a groom. Something from a fairy tale. Oh, yes, my kind of fairy tale.






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