Moses and Jemma are definitely pals now. They nap together, eat together, and play together. They assist with daily chores… in their own way. They wait around for morsels of rabbit, chicken, and hedgehog food to drop to the ground as the other pets are being fed.

Jemma is pretty much in tune with the routines of the day and always anticipates our next move. She is learning from the best… an eight year old GSP. 

One thing she has not learned at this point is the humility and giving spirit for which Moses has become so famous. In fact, in her curious brown puppy eyes, the world revolves around her. When Moses has a toy she wants…or doesn’t want… she whines until he gives it to her. When Moses is getting love and affection, she whines to receive the same attention. In fact, any time she wants something, Moses is the one who usually ends up giving it to her. Jemma has learned to intercept balls, gracefully knock toys out of Moses’ mouth, and highly “encourage” him to allow her the last bite of a treat. 

Her diva ways are not nearly as impressive, though, as the gentleman qualities that Moses possesses. He humbly allows her to snatch a toy that he could easily hang on to with his strong jaws. He allows her to catch up to the thrown tennis ball first even though his leopard speed could easily outrun her. Many men could take chivalry lessons from this bird dog. 

It is not clear if his giving ways will remain as heavily once Jemma is full grown. For now, though, he has mastered the art of sharing and kindness. He understands that she is a mere student of becoming the ultimate bird dog just like him.

“We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up. For even Christ did not please himself but, as it is written: ‘The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.'”-Romans 15:2, 3

Jemma would truly love that chew bone but she does not necessarily have to have it. ..though she would beg to differ. Moses gives it to her anyway. Unlike two German Shorthaired Pointers, this scripture is not instructing us to please others just anyway they see fit. Rather it is instructing us to please others in an eternal sense. We are not trying to make them feel good about themselves, get their way, or think that they are right even when doing wrong. God dictates what pleasing our neighbor means.

Our neighbor’s “good,” which begins with salvation, means one thing- God’s edification and our neighbor’s spiritual well being…ok, two things. We must stop every attitude and action which would tear down our neighbor. We must keep on with those things which will build him up in his faith. Ultimately, their spiritual health brings glory to the only One who is truly “good”…Christ.

So how do we know when pleasing others is Godly or not? Take the test. If you must choose between pleasing others and pleasing yourself, you have the green light to please others. On the other hand, if you must choose between pleasing others and pleasing God, do not proceed. Simple. God would never make empty desires of others a priority over His perfect plan and perfect ways.

Like an 8 year old bird dog taking care of a 6 month old bird dog in training, those who are strong have an obligation to the weak. We must use our strengths to strengthen others. We must use our powers as leaders to serve others. Whose good will you seek today?



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