The younger princess eyes
The younger princess eyes

I don’t know how you look when you wake up in the mornings. Thank goodness you don’t know how I look either.

From the mound of 4 inch tall hair that somehow formed on top of my head in the night, to the creased lines indented across my cheek, you wouldn’t recognize me, I hope. A mystery I plan to solve is how in the world can a night without uttering a word make one wake up with a raspy man voice that sounds like it had yelled non stop for hours?

Not Reece. That daughter of mine awakes like Cinderella. Even if she’s not singing the friendly meadowland creatures sure are. They whistle a tune as the blue singing birds rustle the blankets down and the little mice adjust her slippers. Her large round eyes are perfect indicators of an arising sleeping beauty. Maybe a hair or two is slightly disheveled. But this morning riser gets away with it as the new light of day illuminates her curly locks.

Maybe it’s the difference of 24 years between this mom and daughter. I often wonder where she came from if not off the pages of a fairy tale story. The secret of a 14 year old looking better when she wakes up than she did when she went to sleep- another mystery I will one day solve.

No, I do not look my best in the mornings. Not many of us do. One thing I do love about mornings is the fresh start. Many times worries and pesky anxieties that went to sleep with me the night before somehow get lost in dreamland as I sleep. The new day signals a pure reminder that the day has not yet been tainted by life on the outside.

Maybe this is why morning was Jesus’ favorite time to pray. He arose early each day to meet with the Father. Could it have been so as to beat the morning rush of miracle seekers? Quite possibly. Could it have been to ensure his day began with a holy meeting to go over the agenda for the day? Pretty likely. But I am convinced that Jesus also knew that the rising sun ushered in his greatest ability to hear from the Father clearly.  Before any good deeds. Before any miracles. Before any teachings. And definitely before any accusers attempted to steal his purpose and joy.

Mornings. The time before the world attempts to swallow us whole. The time before the day tries to entrap us with its own plans. This is often when hearing God’s voice clearly comes to fruition. The time when our hearts and ears can merely listen and learn.

Isaiah 50:4 “”…He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ears to listen like one being taught.”


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