Wise Moses

Those eyes.

The expression of a dog often can be explained as “cute, curious, or cuddly.” There are also moments that I look at our dog and think “wow, he is certainly looking pretty goofy right about now.”

Then there are moments that Moses, our German Shorthaired Pointer gives the look of…wisdom. His eyes tell us he has seen it all. They tell us he has found the key to true happiness…eating a dog treat while being cuddled. They tell us he has figured out…life. (He still refuses to acknowledge the need for thunder and fireworks.)


The world tries to offer its philosophies…its reason…its intelligence.


It’s not just an owl perched on a branch. Nor is it the bad advice from a well intentioned friend.

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”- Proverbs 13:20

The bible defines what wisdom is, where to find it, who can give it, when to have it (always) why we need it and how to get it! This portion of Proverbs even tells us how to KEEP it.

I have a rule in my life (among the 2,000 other rules)- I MUST have people in my life wiser than I am. Why? So I can keep growing wise. Simple. Forget about the “pastor’s wife” title. I will be the first to tell you that I couldn’t make it without Godly counsel in my life.

Yes, we are to reach out to those weaker in the faith. We are to reach out with the gospel to those with no faith at all. We are to disciple others. BUT we are to not grow so proud as to think that we have it all figured out. (I was wise enough to figure out that I don’t have it figured out a long time ago).

We will always be an apprentice in need of a mentor until the Father calls us home. Protect the precious treasure of wisdom and keep “looking for it as for silver and searching for it as for hidden treasure”- Proverbs 2:4



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