Monkey Business

Rise, my soul, come and see

The light before there was light.

The world before it was a world,

A time when there was no time.

Look at how the sky became blue,

And the ocean and sea became wet;

See how the trees grew their leaves,

And the sun learned where to set.

Witness the stars dancing through darkness,

Feel the breeze gently blow.

Marvel at the Maker of it all,

And watch Him create a soul!


Rise, my soul, don’t close your eyes.

Stare as the fruit becomes sin.

Now watch as the Maker becomes Mercy

And prepares you for life again.


My soul, come rise, come take a peek,

At the One on the horse that is white!

Come and hear the trumpet sound

And to the clouds, come fly!


Look at the beginning, witness the present,

Then see the day with the Almighty.

Wait patiently, for that day will come soon.

Until then, my soul, keep rising!


                                         -A Poem Written by Mandy Mayfield

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