It was big.

It was red.

It was a sight to be feared.

Making the most of the last remnants of snow in our yard, Reece decided to take the sled out for it’s first ride of the year. A large patch of snow has managed to conceal itself from the sun’s glaring rays over the past few days. Good for Reece. Bad for Shovel.

Shovel. Our stand tall, stand proud, stand alert Wyandotte rooster. He alerts the ladies when a predator flies above. He calls them over when he has found something tasty. He leads the ladies safe and sound in the coop at sundown and sits guard at the door  as they roost above.

He is the bodyguard. He is the watchman. He is the only other pet we have had that can run almost as fast as our dog, Moses. (Whom, by the way, is fully submissive to the rooster).

But the sled. Apparently, the sight of a 3 foot long red  platform grazing down a hill is more than Shovel can handle.

At first, he called out a warning. Then he clucked…a lot. Then he let out what sounded like a human scream. As Reece continued to slowly coast down the hill, Shovel began to run. He ran into the shed then back out to warn the ladies again. Then, apparently, he had more than he could take. He sprinted around the bushes and into the front yard. Although it was somewhat humorous to us, it was no cackling matter to our brave rooster. It was fear.

Fear can strike us in some of the least or the most obvious ways. When we least expect it. Yes, there is the fear that gives warning, builds up, and strikes expectedly. Then there is the fear that rises up during that head on collision, that 911 call, or that conference room meeting with the specialist.

Scripture reminds us to “fear not” 365 times. Coincidence? Highly doubt it. But because we are too human for our own good, we fear. Along with fear, we do all those other things God tells us are needless…worry and doubt to name two.

God gave us emotions, yes. He gave us reactions, yes. He also gave us the ability to counterattack them when needed. To avoid becoming their casualty. Words such as trust, rest in, believe, have faith in…Let’s become casualties to those instead. Do we trust that he will not give us more than we can manage with Him in us?  Do we rest in the fact that our Master will not allow the red sled to overtake us? Or do we retreat around the bushes until our Master is out of our sight?

“For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”- Isaiah 41:13


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