chicken garden

It was the opposite of enjoyable. Being under the weather, that is. Sunshine and lawn mowers did not quite fit in with my tissues and 2 tablespoons of cherry flavored horror every four hours.

After another week of “no time to do anything except do everything”, I must have had my fill.It had caught up with me. Have you ever told your body it does not have time to be sick? Yeah, well, it rarely listens, does it not?

So as I groaned in misery indoors, the world basked in the sun’s rays outside. Had it been dreary and rainy I may not have felt so glum. I imagined every fun and fulfilling event in life must have happened to everyone else in the great outdoors while I was forced to shiver with chills under my fleece blanket. I was a prisoner to my aching self. I was in desperate need of some good rest. All the while, life, wearing its sunglasses, waved tauntingly as it passed me by.

Alright, I will drop the dramatic flare and merely say this… It stinks being sick doesn’t it? This is especially true when the sunshine is beckoning you outside. When your plans for the day were so grand. And you were sure that this was the day you would finally catch up…(at least it was an ambitious thought). Between times of falling in and out of sleep I caught glimpses of a husband laboring in the springtime yard and a daughter chasing a hen past the patio door. A speckled blur shaped like a dog would race past the window as birds would scatter in a rush to escape this blur.

My often very eventful household was going on being eventful without me. I did not like missing out on it. But I must admit. My pillow never felt so inviting that day.

God has a way of slowing us down. When we go and go and have no plans to pause, he reminds us that we were not made for this. A constant on the go life will eventually screech to temporary halt whether we are ready or not. Sometimes we get reigned in by a menacing over the counter type sickness. Oftentimes, he slams us to a halt in other ways. When our plans get changed, interrupted, or drowned in chicken noodle soup.

This is one of the many small reminders we are privileged to experience. A reminder that God is sovereign. He is the one who holds us. He is the one who has meticulously calculated the details of our lives. The God who spoke the stars into existence is the same God who speaks “I love you” into our hearts. The God who wove together every cell in your body is the same God, who for some reason, helped man invent cherry flavored medicine.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”- Proverbs 19:21




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