When I was a kid my hero, other than Punky Brewster, was Grandmamma Clary.

My mom’s parents lived beside us in Stanley and looking back, it was such a blessing. During that time, Grandmamma never worked outside of the home, except when she and Grandaddy ran the old Marvin’s Market across the street and the store in Panther. But she was the busiest woman I ever did see.

She was wise, patient, full of grace and beauty, and made a mean tuna sandwich. She would dance around her house swinging the dish towel hanging from one of her many dresses she made.

As I played outside in my yard, she would be tending to the huge vegetable garden, taking care of her flowers, or feeding the chickens and rabbits.

But she was never too busy to squeeze my cheeks when she could get a hold of them -or to sit on the swing and talk with me under the grapevine trellis they had built.

We hear of the “Proverbs 31 Woman” and think that every one of these traits and attributes surely could not be fulfilled in one woman. But I can assure you, Grandmamma came pretty close.

Our challenge as women, especially in today’s world, is more difficult than ever. We are expected to do things a certain way in a certain amount of time, look a certain way, act a certain way… And keep up with the thousand things on our to do list that are often written by someone else.

While rest is vital, so is our work. But let’s ensure that as we “set about our work vigorously” that we are doing so as unto The Lord and not unto ourselves… Else we grow weary.

A “wife” or woman of noble character is one whose whole life is centered around a reverent fear of God, compassion for the needy, and faithfulness and love toward her family.

So as you tackle your long list today please seek to serve God, your family, and others as you do it. It may be as small as squeezing a child’s cheeks to make her feel special- but God is smiling when you do it.

“A wife of noble character who can find? … She sets about her work vigorously; her arms strong for her tasks…”- Proverbs 31:1, 17


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