This is a re-post of an older devotion I wrote earlier this year.

I sat in the living room last night as Reece practiced piano in the next room. She often plays where we can hear. And we enjoy listening. Sometimes, however, she will put the headphones on while she plays.

Last night she was wearing the headphones. I went about checking my email and catching up on some work. Then the sound of her pressing the piano keys made it’s way to the forefront of my awareness.

I observed her as she glanced at the keys briefly and ever so slightly swayed to a silent rhythm. No notes could be heard. No sounds strung together creating a sensible melody could be heard…at least by me.

To Reece, on the other hand…it all made sense.

I was aware of a thumping on black and white keys, but she was attuned to the aesthetically pleasing music. I was only hearing the gentle muted pounding of keys, she was hearing Prelude in C.

What was muted to me was being heard clearly by her. Two people, same piano, same keys- but only one of us could hear.

Oh, what a parallel this is!

We hold a newborn baby and tearfully thank God for the new life. Yet, we hold the hand of our dying loved one and cry out in confusion as to why God would take this life.

It doesn’t make sense does it? A six year old boy being murdered in his bed as he sleeps. A tornado ravaging one home and sparing the next. Why God? Why did this happen?

Why the cancer? Why the car accident? Why the miscarriage?

When someone asks me why God lets bad things happen, I always want to give them a wise and spiritual explanation. Not to make myself look wise and spiritual. But because, as humans, we think everything has to make sense.

We think SURELY God makes sense!

All the while, our logic is but a muted tapping on a silent piano.

But God…yes, The Creator, majestically and melodically composes His song as the angels sing in choir!

The beauty of this music is simply beyond our ears.

God is orchestrating a melody so magnificent, so divine, and so beyond our understanding. We now only hear the muted gentle pounding of keys.

One day the curtain will be pulled, our eyes unveiled, and our ears opened. We will hear the song and it WILL be beautiful!

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”- 1 Corinthians 13:12



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