I would have zapped us by now. Yep. So long human race. You have been given every chance, every act of mercy, every proof, every warning…Yet, you keep doing it. My cup is full and it’s time to pour out some good ole heavenly wrath!

I guess that is one of a million reasons why I would not make a very good Savior of the world. (The obvious reason being that I am not God) My grace can only extend as far as I can throw it. I’m grateful God has a stronger arm than I do.

But it’s true isn’t it? Romans 1:30 tells us that “they will invent ways of doing every kind of evil.” If this doesn’t describe our world today then I don’t know what would. To top it off we have even invented justifications for every kind of evil. Watch the news, take a look at Hollywood, take a look at some politicians. Unfortunately, take a look at some churches. False teachers are among us in full force. The enemy has decided to infiltrate our camp. What will we do?

We are in a war. Our offensive weapon in this war is the sword of the spirit. Satan is working overtime to undermine and destroy our confidence in that sword, which is the word of God. He is doing it through ideologies and philosophies of the day. “To each his own”- “All roads lead to heaven”- “Well, MY god wouldn’t send someone to hell”- “they are gray areas…there is no absolute truth…” Are you kidding me?! May we wake up and rise up! The church MUST defend against the absolute lie that scripture is not the absolute truth. That it is not God’s word in ALL that it teaches. To deny Scripture’s complete trustworthiness in all it teaches is to deliver ourselves into Satan’s crafty hand. It’s time followers of Christ get to the front of the battle line with our swords drawn!

“Therefore put on the full armor of God…Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”- Ephesians 6:13,17

-Blessings! Mandy

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